AKA Flint
29.08.00 - 30.10.2013
(hips: 7/9 eyes: clear gonio and HC)

Cleavehill Conway x Highclare Royal Applause
(- | 7/7)

Flint won the first Puppy Working Test I entered him in and we never looked back. He was a very reliable Working Test dog, but not a Field Trial dog (the brakes did not work well enought for FTs!).

He was an out and out rough shooting dog and still picked up on one shoot at 12 years old

Due to the foot and mouth when he was a puppy events were restricted. He has won: one Puppy Working Test; one Novice Working Test; seven Open Working Tests; got his SGWC with "Best Qualifier" in 2005; and has gained both stages of the WGC, the final part on live game as a "Picking up Dog" on a shoot.

Other awards are:
WSSC Working Dog of the Year 2003 and 2004
WSSC Working Dog of the Year Runner up 2005 and 2006
WSSCSW Working Dog of the Year 2003 (won jointly with his daughter Isfryn Ghost Swift)
SEWSSC Working Dog of the Year 2002/3 and 2004/5