Judy - Isfryn Hocus Pocus JW



Judy - August 2014 (4 and a half months old)

Photograph courtesy of Tim Dale

Photograph courtesy of Tim Dale

Photograph courtesy of Tim Dale (Judy at her first ickle dog show)

Hermione taking the plunge (aged 11 months)

Four generations, Rosie (9), Flint (11), Hermione (11 months), Spot and Valerie (4)


Valerie and Celyn on their barge holiday - 2009.



Pelle (Isfryn Tylwyth Teg)
after a good days shooting (Sweden)

Pelle (Isfryn Tylwyth Teg)
waiting for some tea (Sweden)

Rosie with three of her pups June 2009.
Valerie, Celyn, Rosie and Spot-the-Dog.

Rosie and five out of her seven pups 2008

Zoe and Rosie

Wake me up if you see a cat. (Flint)

What do you mean, what am I like with sheep?
We haven't had sheep here for years, don't worry about that sort of thing. (S-t-D)

Splash! Zoe and Flint

Spot the Dog

Spot the Dog 2009
(courtesy of Alison Spiers)


Zoe and Flint


Get back!


Flint, Bronwen, Ruth, Rosie and Zoe

Will (Isfryn Scorched Carpet)

I'm not sure if agility is our thing.
I thought the dog was supposed to go through the tunnel (Rosie)


Bronwen on her first caravan trip


Waiting for the fall . . . Zoe and Flint

Zoe and Flint

SShhh . . . I don't think that bloke noticed he dropped this . . . do you want it?

Bronwen, Ruth, Flint, Zoe and Rosie

Spot the Dog 2009

Digging? . . . us? . . . never
Flint, Ruth, Rosie and Zoe

Rosie, Flint and Zoe

Do not worry, I can swim.
Zoe as a puppy