AKA Judy
w: 07.04.14
(hips: 7/25 eyes: clear gonio)

Menstonia Northern Lights x Isfryn Lickety Split
(hips: 8/5 eyes: clear gonio | hips: 7/8 eyes: clear gonio)

Stud Book Number: 3118DA

Judy is, just like her mother Hermione, very quick to learn and is doing very well in her gundog training and in her show career so far. She is a lovely character and everyone loves Judy

She has done well both in the field and bench. I am proud of her gaining her JW title. She has been awarded the WGC on dummies and game and her SGWC all before she was 21 months. And due to an injury of another dog did a full season picking up on three shoots 2015/16

(pic below courtesy of Paul Steadman)