AKA Rosie
w: 19.09.02 - 29.06.15
(hips: 7/3 eyes: clear gonio and HC)

Highclare Fully Charged at Isfryn x Pennylock Miss Molly at Coedmawr
(hips: 7/9 eyes: clear gonio and HC | hips: 6/5)

Rosie . . . "Rosie Rebel" . . . she defies all the training techniques known to man. She was born knowing everything there is to know about being a working dog and will not be taught anything. I have given up on that.

But, no matter, she is an excellent rough shooting and beating dog, she will even pass as a picking up dog as long as you don't use "Field Trial" methods. Let her go off in her own direction, forget about her for ten minutes, and she is guaranteed to find a shot bird to pick up and bring back that a lab has missed.

So needless to say she is not a competition dog but was a joy to take out on the shoots, as at 2015 she is now retired

She has also been a wonderful mother to two lovely litters.