AKA Spot-the-Dog
w: 24.10.07
(hips: 4/6 eyes: clear gonio)

Scotties Lad of Tobermyn x Coedmawr Rhosyn at Isfryn
(hips: 16/14 eyes: clear gonio | hips: 7/3 eyes: clear gonio and HC)

Stud Book Number: 0476CU

Spot-the-Dog is one of lifes "chumps". He goes head on into situations and thinks about it afterwards. He has had seven seasons out on the shoots learning the ropes and has proved himself to be a biddable and valuable beating dog. He has been successful at Working Tests, but he will not be a Field Trial dog

He went BIS at the WSSCSW open show in 2010 and in 2016 out of veteran, RBD at the WSSCSW open show in 2012. He was the first docked WSS to gain his JW after the 2007 docking ban