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My name is Tina Smith. I got my first Welsh Springer Spaniel in 1999 and currently live with two WSS and one working ESS. In the summer of 2016 I got Echo a working English Springer Spaniel. First and foremost they are my pets; I also show the Welsh; I compete at working tests and field trials with both breeds; and I take them out on numerous local shoots during the shooting season both picking up and beating (over 50 days completed this season 2018/19)

I am very proud to have 10 Field Trial awards with my Welsh in the past. And 2 Field Trial awards with Echo (ESS). My most recent WSS protégé is Pete (Isfryn Peeping Tom JW)

The dual purpose aspect of Welsh Springers is very important to me and I am keen to promote that. I recently retired at the end of 2017 from being on the committee and working sub-committee of the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club after 13 years and 14 years respectively

You can sometimes see the Isfryn Gang at some of the game fairs in the Discover Gundogs Tents and Sporting Dog Pavillions

My website started around 2000 purely as a picture based site just for fun. The new "re-vamped" version is still under construction. I hope you enjoy what is here so far. Please click on one of the links above to navigate around the new site.