28.01.02 - 10.08.16
(hips: 15/18 eyes: clear gonio and HC)

Highclare Fully Charged at Isfryn x Highclare Internet at Rockstro
(hips: 7/9 eyes: clear gonio and HC | hips: 5/5)

Stud Book Number: 4700CN

Zoe has gained eight Field Trial awards; had three "Gun's Choice" at Field Trials; and has won four Puppy Working Tests; one Novice Working Test; eight Open Working Tests; got her SGWC; won the Advanced Cold Game test at the Show Spaniel Field Day with "Best Performance of the Day" and "Gun's Choice" 2005; and has been awarded the KC WGC Preliminary Stage.

Other awards are:
WSSC Dog of the Year (Field and Bench) 2003, 2004 and 2006
WSSC Dog of the Year (Field and Bench) runner up 2005
WSSC Working Dog of the Year 2006
WSSC Working Dog of the Year joint runner up 2007; runner up 2008
WSSCSW Working Dog of the Year 2003 (won jointly with her father), 2004 and 2006
SEWSSC working dog of the year 2003/4

In her prime she did me proud in the show ring being consistently in the cards at Championship Shows, getting numerous Best of Breed at open shows and a reserve best bitch at a WSSC open show.


Photograph courtesy of Nick Ridley