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Byrony of Banlieue with her first litter Byrony of Banlieue with her first litter
All Northey litters have a theme, and all (well most!) the dogs begin with ‘W', and the bitches with 'S'. The theme of each litter is denoted by the first letter of the stud dog. For example, the litter by Braint, were 'Birds'. Sometimes I wonder why I have to make life so complicated!

Click on the dog's names in green text to see their pictures.

  1. Sh Ch Bruce of BrentByrony of Banlieue 25/9/78 6 bitches, 2 dogs
    Ch Woodpecker, Wagtail, Stonechat, Serin, Skylark, Swift, Songthrush, Starling
  2. Sh Ch Dalati Cymro of Tamaritz – Northey Stonechat 7/9/80 2 dogs, 1 bitch
    Winston, Wills, Silk Cut
  3. Sh Ch Dalati Braint – Byrony of Banlieue 18/11/80 4 dogs, 4 bitches
    American Ch Watneys Red, Johnnie Walker, Worthington EE, Whiskey Rye, N Z Ch Sauternes, Sangria, Schnapps, Sweet Sherry
  4. Sh Ch Goldsprings Bright Spark of Selworthy – Northey Stonechat 18/9/81 4 dogs, 4 bitches
    N Z Ch Walnut, Wafer, Waffle, Wheat, American Ch Sparklet, Salsify, Saffron, Sesame
  5. Northey Winston – Byrony of Banlieue 2 dogs, 3 bitches 12/2/83
    ‘ Winter Weather’
    Whirlwind, Whistling Wind, Ch Stormcloud JW, Sea Gale, Snow Flurry
  6. Ch Parkmist Jade – Ch Northey Stormcloud 17/10/86 3 dogs, 2 bitches
    Wordsworth, Wilmott, Watson, Sonnet, Simile
  7. Sh Ch Ferndel Stroller – Ch Northey Stormcloud 15/1/88 3 dogs, 3 bitches
    Ch Whittington, Sh Ch Wish Me Luck, Dutch Ch Over the Rainbow, Ch Showboat, Sweet Charity, High Society
  8. Sh Ch Dalati Sioni – Ch Northey Stormcloud 27/3/89 1 dog, 2 bitches
    Whittaker, Finnish Ch Wyman, Sabrina
  9. Ch Northey Whittington – Highclare Temptress of Northey 9/9/89 3 dogs
    Sh Ch Winchester at Beamans, Wagbi, Wigeon
  10. Sh Ch Northey Wish Me Luck – Highclare Temptress of Northey 20/9/90 1 dogs, 5 bitches
    Wicked William, Seductress, Sh Ch Scarlet Lady at Trimere, Shady Lady, Stolen Kiss, Secret Affair
  11. Gwynant Red Admiral – Northey Sweet Charity 2/7/91 3 dogs, 2 bitches
    White Knight, Will Scarlet, Wilhelm, Silver Lining, Shot Silk
  12. Ch Northey Whittington – Highclare Temptress of Northey 3/12/91 2 dogs, 3 bitches
    Wizard 1CC, Warlock, Spellbound, Magic Spell, Sorceress
  13. Northey Winston – Highclare Temptress of Northey 25/11/92 2 dogs, 4 bitches
    Wellington, Winter’s Tale, Sleet, Skate, Snow Storm, Snow Flurrie
  14. Northey Jack Frost – Northey Silver Lining 25/5/94 1 dog, 5 bitches
    Watchmaker, Sh Ch Silver Cameo from Zamberlan, Silver Locket, Silver Tiara, Silver Charm, Silver Trinket
  15. Ch Northey Whittington – Northey Silver Lining 17/1/96 3 dogs, 1 bitch
    ‘Wild plants’
    Wild Thyme, Wintergreen, Woodruff, Sweet Rosebriar
  16. Northey Wizard – Northey Silver Tiara 29/9/97 2 bitches
    Sakita, Sarona
  17. Northey Wilmott – Northey Silver Lining 9/7/97 1 bitch
    ‘Wilmott’s Secret’
    Surprise Surprise
  18. Ch Northey Whittington – Northey Surprise Surprise 19/4/99 1 dog, 5 bitches
    Wendle, Stream Dancer, Saskate, Shannon, Spring Tide, Sunart
  19. Menstonia Scotch Mist over Lindavsett – Northey Surprise Surprise 12/8/01 2 dogs, 2 bitches
    Walk on By, Wheels on Fire, Songbird, Spirit in the Sky
  20. Rivermarsh New Horizon - Northey Surprise Surprise 03/06/03 4 dogs, 2 bitches
    ‘Racehorses running on the day of birth’
    Well Connected, Well Chosen, Whippa Snapper, Willow Run, Sun on the Sea, Soul Provider
  21. Aust Ch Shandwick Raffles – Northey Sun on the Sea  3.12.2005, 2 dogs, 6 bitches
    ‘Singers and seen at discos!’
    Wilby a Deejay, Whiskeymac, Shiraz, Schnapps, Soul Dancer, Simone, Salza, Selina
  22. Julita Ranger – Northey Sun on the Sea 26/1/2008 3 dogs, 4 bitches
    Walker, Wayfarer, Wanderer, Stroll, Saunter, Star Ruby, Silkin
  23. Julita Ranger ‘Dillon’ – Northey Sun on the Sea ‘Briny’ 1/8/2009 4 dogs, 1 bitch
    ‘Daily News’
    Wall Street Journal, Weatherman, Wired Up, World Exclusive, Sun Guardian
  24. Highclare Tycoon – Northey Silkin. Reared by Jane Carter. 4 dogs, 1 bitch
    Wild West Man, Whiskey Mack, Wilber, Walk Tall, Solmia

Pedigrees of influential Northey Welsh Springers are on the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club site

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