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Ch Bitcon Gold Coast at Northey JW
Show Critiques

October 2008 Hungarian Vizsla Club Championship show
“Strong dog who is very fit and well muscled, good head and expression, neck into well laid shoulders and front. Short back, level topline, stands over the ground well, well muscled quarters, good feet, RCC”. Sara Barnard

September 2008 City of Birmingham
“Striking dog, teeming with quality, super well balanced head and lovely expression, good neck, well laid shoulders, good topline, excellent front with good feet and turn of stifle, very well muscled and moved soundly, covering the ground well, CC and BOB” Philip Green

July 2008 Windsor
“Very worthy Champion. Typical head and eye, well constructed throughout, not quite let down in chest nor filled in at elbow as winner (Yogi!) at present, RCC. Penny Williams

June 2008 Blackpool
RCC Richard Houghton

May 2008 Scottish Kennel Club Championship show
“a handsome dog with typical Vizsla expression, presented a combination of excellent conformation, a sound frame, strong muscles well turned, super ring presence and was presented in good coat and condition. Possessing these qualities his movement was powerful yet effortless and a joy to watch, CC & BOB” Julia Iles Hebbert. This award gave him the title of Champion.

April 2008 WELKS
“Another true to type. Correct for size with excellent conformation. Strong with good length of neck, level back and good rear angulation. Moved well and pushed hard in the challenge, just felt the Post Grad dog had the edge in the challenge. Won’t be long before he gains his title, RCC” Larry Wilks

October 2007 Gundog Society of Wales
“Beautifully headed dog, excellent bone, well put together, very good quarters, excellent movement and presented in good order. Perhaps looking a little high on the leg at present and hence RCC” Stephen Hollings

August 2007 Welsh Kennel Club
“Super dog, stood out in this class. Typifies the breed standard. Correct head, ear set and neck. Well laid shoulders, strong topline and hindquarters, another moving dog. Pushed hard for the CC, awarded RCC” Jo Hesford

August 2007 National Gundog Association
“Quite a dog with lovely chiselled head and superb eye, good flews, good strong neck going into well laid shoulders, good strong loin and good conformation. Moved superbly, a picture of strength. Delighted to give him CC and BOB” Donna Holman

July 2007 Windsor
“lively dog, glowing with good health, smart outline, clean shapely head and neck, well angulated shoulderelbows close, correct depth of chest, balanced topline, exuberant mover, CC and BOB” Sheila Gray

September 2007 City of Birmingham
“thought very highly of this dog, standing he looks extremely attractive, lean head, moderate skull, good eye shape and well set ears, long arched neck, well laid shoulders, good topline, well angled, super muscle tone throughout especially his hindquarters and well defined second thighs. However when he moved he relaxed and one could see how good he really is. He went around the ring with grace, power and drive. Shouldn’t be long before he is made up RCC” Val Grant

July 2007 East of England
“No mistaking his breeding, has the same, ‘I’m here, who’s second?’ set up he shines but when on the move he simply glides round the ring covering the ground with ease. Excellent head and expression, just right for size, well proportioned, lovely coat and colour, excellent depth and width of chest, strong topline held on the move. Quality all through and although still young his potential could not be denied RCC” Pam Blay

June 2007 Border Union
“A real quality youngster, good head and typical breed expression, good neck and front good depth and a balanced dog at the correct stage of development for his age, good bone and feet, in excellent coat and condition and holds it all together on good free ground covering movement to win this class and RCC” Frank Whyte.

June 2007 Southern Counties
“A really lovely dog. Beautiful head, good reach of neck, good topline, moved well, 1st Junior and RCC” Barbara Earley

November 2006 Midland Counties
“11 months and completely outstanding for his age, very masculine head of excellent proportions and good squared off muzzle, lengthy strong arched neck, deep chest, ideal spring of rib, short level back, well let down in hind angulation, low s3et tail, super true and athletic movement, in lovely condition. Best Puppy and RCC” Terry Thorn

May 2006 Hungarian Vizsla Club Confirmation test, Cornbury Park
“Lovely puppy, all the essentials, excellent feet and front, strong topline, correct depth of chest, colour” Gay Gottlieb

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