Are you struggling to get your grass to grow?

Many if us have already done one of the final cuts of the grass we may do this year. As the colder weather starts to set in the grass tends not to grow as quickly/ Often you will find that the grass is too wet to cut or that you end up churning up half the lawn trying to mow it.

If you have planted grass seed, it is not uncommon to find that you are not very happy with the results. It can often look a little patchy and it usually takes quite some time to grow. When planting grass seed you need to try and ensure that no one walks on it until it is fully established. You should also try and stop birds from eating the seeds as you can find that all of them are gone within a few hours of you putting them down.

If you are wanting a perfect lawn with minimum of hassle and maximum results, then you should opt for turf. Turf is grass that has already been grown and just needs laying down on your lawn. It does still require a high level of care whilst it embeds but can look great and be lower maintained than planting grass seed.  

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